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Department Focusing on Interdisciplinary Engineering


  • Throughout the four-year undergraduate program, students acquire the skills to apply fundamental principles from key engineering domains, including electronics, information, mechanical engineering, and chemical/material engineering, to the realm of biomedical engineering.
  • In the graduate program, students are divided into specialized groups to delve deeper into their chosen areas of study. By undertaking advanced coursework and engaging in research training, the program aims to enhance the integration of engineering methodologies with practical applications in the biomedical field.



  • The mission of the department is to nurture exceptional individuals who can lead the advancement of innovative biomedical technologies. The department focuses on training outstanding students in medical engineering design and integration. Upon graduation, these students will possess the skills and capabilities to collaborate effectively with clinical physicians and other professionals, contributing to the development of optimal solutions in healthcare, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and assistive devices.
Distinctive Features


  • Our department stands out as the pioneering Biomedical Engineering department (established in 2009) and graduate institute (established in 1984) among national universities in Taiwan. Over the years, we have cultivated numerous high-quality talents with expertise and cross-disciplinary capabilities, who have made significant contributions in various sectors including industry, academia, and government healthcare departments.
  • One of the key factors contributing to our success is our well-balanced curriculum design and faculty composition. Our department integrates the knowledge and skills from the major engineering domains of electronics, information, mechanical engineering, and materials/chemistry engineering with foundational medical courses. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that our students develop a comprehensive understanding of medical engineering and are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle complex challenges in the field.
  • Located in close proximity to large affiliated hospitals and a vibrant biomedical industry cluster, our department benefits from extensive research funding and resources. This enables us to create a unique environment that fosters health and well-being research, as well as industry incubation.

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